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Eddie Dounn

Web Developer in Austin Texas.
Owner of Vazed.


Eddie Dounn
  • Name: Eddie Dounn
  • Location: Austin Texas
  • Buisness: Owner and Developer at Vazed
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live By:

    "Art without engineering is dreaming; Engineering without art is calculating."

    -Steven K. Roberts


Do the things I'm passionate about.

A Little About me.

My passion is fueled by fascination, curiosity, learning and making things. This passion alone is what drives me to keep learning and evolving as an individual and professional.

I've been fortunate enough to be working as a professional web developer for almost 10 years now. I have a computer science degree from Texas State University. I also hold an Associate Degree from Austin Community College.

Things I use often:

  • PHP, OOP, with some love for composer
  • LAMP stack MySQL and sqlite, linux apache2, httplight
  • Nodejs, npm, gulp, bower, browsersync
  • git, svn, vagrant
  • Wordpress, Joomla, SugarCRM
  • Android SDK Cli's, adb, fastboot, linux cli
  • C, C++, Java, Javascript

Some Of My Fun Stuff

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My Dog, Lycus.

Eddie Dounn Freelance WebDeveloper With Designer


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